Empowering new developers and technology-driven leaders

Our passion is to empower developers and leaders of businesses and organizations to leverage the power of Drupal platforms and open source automation technology. We do this by providing courses which are ideal for ...

  • Beginning and intermediate Drupal developers, who want to take their expertise to a new level.
  • Leaders and entrepreneurs who want to scale their organization with web-based automation.
  • Open source enthusiasts who want to better understand and communicate how open source technology and the open source mindset can change the world.

Course Categories

Select courses have special rules for access, or come with unique benefits. Here is a list of tags you might find for courses:

Open Access Course Open Access Courses do not require any enrollment or registration, and are free to take. Just visit the course and get started.

Introductory Content Introductory content is no-cost content for users looking to begin learning about a topic.

Premium Content Premium content is available either through direct purchase, or through a subscription. You may learn more about pricing by visiting a course's page.

Course Description
Get Started with the Flashpoint Education Platform
Open Access Course

Learn how to set up courses and communities in the Flashpoint Education Platform

Get Started with Zeomine Web Crawler
Open Access Course

How to install Zeomine Web Crawler, and how to perform basic tasks such as broken link checking, load testing, and web scraping.

Effective Onboarding with Flashpoint Education
Introductory Content

Learn about the basics of onboarding and how to acheive effective onboading with the open source Flashpoint Education platform.

Marketing your business with online courses
Introductory Content

Courses are not just for formal learning! Learn about how online courses can be used for marketing, building customer relationshps, and for client communication.