Get Started with Zeomine Web Crawler

    Zeomine Web Crawler

    Zeomine Web Crawler (ZWC) is an open source, plugin-based website analysis program that allows you to test websites, extract information for analysis, or conduct simple web scraping.

    In this course, you will learn about:

    • Installing Zeomine Web Crawler and the required Python libraries
    • Helpful extra programs for developing with ZWC, and reading data generated by ZWC
    • Writing a configuration YAML file
    • Introduction to Zeomine components, including initializers, the core object, crawlers, and plugins
    • Executing ZWC from the command line
    • Example configurations for broken link checking and extracting word counts

    Advanced use of ZWC will be covered in additional courses. please check the Zeomine Web Crawler series for additional courses.

    Installation and Intro to Zeomine

    Zeomine Components

    Config examples

    Query Examples